I Need a New Place to Stay

Of course it is a lucky thing for me that I do not have my name on the lease, although if I did I would have been making sure that my half of the rent money was going to the landlord instead of being wagered on soccer on betting sites. I moved in this place at the start of the semester, straight out of the dorms. Ronnie and Kelly were here already and I have no clue if either or neither of them have their name on the lease. I just know that I do not and so I am going to pack up and find a new place to stay as quickly as I can. The two of them say that they can probably spend several months going through the process of getting kicked out of the place. If you did not know, if a tenant decides they are not going to cooperate with an eviction it is not really easy to get them. You would think that if you owned a place and two jerks were there without paying, then you would just tell the police to throw them out on their heads.

I am pretty sure that this would follow me around though. I am guessing that if I was going to figure out if I wanted to rent to me or not, then this sort of thing would count against me. Right now there is not even any way for the landlord to know who I am, but if the police were to get involved I am sure they would write my name down and put the entire mess upon my permanent record. It might be possible for me to delay for a little while and I am going to be here until I have a new place to stay.